Ópusztaszer is 6 km from Kistelek. This is a memorial of gosser’s importance in the history of the Hungarians. This is a open-air museum, museum and excursion destination. In the main museum building of the memorial park one can visit the circular picture entitled “The Hereincun of the Hungarians”.

The Csillagösvény labyrinth can be found in Ópusztaszer. This is a hedge labyrinth.This is the first labyrinth in Hungary. Pleasant recreation for adults and children.

The youngest zoo in Hungary has been waiting for visitors since 1989. It is made by several factors: over 45 hectares it is the zoo with the largest territory of the country, it has a unique animal collection.

In the “Aquapolis” of four seasons, a new, inner experience pool area with flow basins, assaults, whirlpools and other experiences is set up. The inner experience pool will be connected to an external wellness pool, where you can swim out.
“Silent Wellness”: This relaxation zone is only reserved for guests over 16 years, who want to relax in quiet surroundings. Elements: adventure and whirlpool pool, Finnish saunas, infrasauna, steam bath, salt chamber, tepidarium, aroma chamber, outdoor sauna.
Here you will find Europe’s longest water slide, open all year.

The main task of the botanical garden is to cultivate and improve its plant collections (such as the Rosengarten, the Steingarten and the taxonomic collection). This is the exact recording of the species and varieties, the protection, the maintenance and the maintenance of collections as well as the establishment of new collections. The well-managed collections form the basis of the related activities of the garden.
More than 40 protected species are available for visitors. These plants belong to the national heritage of Hungary, and there are species whose habitats are found only in Hungary. The exotic plants of the garden are mainly shown to show their economic importance (food, industry and ornamental plants).

The hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the Medisportcentrum. Here you can claim complex medical and wellness services The MedisportCentrum has a unique infrastructure and medical background in sports and medical facilities.

Free for our guests: fitness room attendance, as well as participation in fitness classes, dry or water aerobics.

“Mini Hungary Park” is a open-air museum in Mórahalom. It is 40 km from Kistelek. Churches, castles, castles and monuments dummies await you in close proximity to the old time memories live.